Originally developed by Bhai Tarsem Singh of SHARE charity UK, SikhiToTheMax has become a defacto standard for keertan programs and Gurdwaras around the world to display Gurbani on screens for Sangat to join into the depth of Gurbani and translations.

Khalis Foundation

Khalis Foundation provides resources to Sikh youth and children and promotes the Sikhi spirit.


A humble effort by the Akal Design team to bring the hard work of Baba Darshan Singh (Mallehwal) into a Gurbani Search app. At the heart of the implementation is a focus on the correct places to do a vishraam denoted with colors. This innovative approach helps you to read Gurbani with the correct pauses. […]

Gurbani Unlimited

This app showcases Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji’s (a.k.a Bhagat Ji) decade of work in placing the pauses in Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s text and recording complete and correct pronunciation (Shudh Ucharan) without leaving out the sound of any letter. Bhagat Ji is one of the oldest living and most experienced Gurbani Santhya teachers who has […]

SHARE Charity

SHARE is a charity focused on sharing the universal message of Guru Nanak, through the creation of versatile & innovative resources, utilising a forward thinking & collaborative approach.